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Sale Information

Precision Beef Solutions
1st Annual Bull sale
Saturday, February 20th @ 1 pm  
67022 590th Street
Griswold, Iowa 51535

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Sale Day Phones:
Rod Northrup – (712) 789-0208
Heath Larsen – (712) 789-1119
Brent Potter – (712) 789-0407
Max Potter- (712) 789-0625
Tanner Potter - (712) 789-0872

Buyers unable to attend the sale may submit their bids to any of the names above, or the auctioneer. 

Terms and Conditions: Cattle will sell under the suggested terms and conditions of the American Angus Association (http://angus.org/Pub/suggested_sale_terms.pdf).

Heard health: All cattle will be accompanied by proper health certificates.

Food & Refreshments: There will be a meal served on sale day.
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John Schaben- (712) 263-0755

Directions to sale site: From Griswold, Iowa travel 4 miles east on Highway 92, then turn left on 590th street and proceed North 2 miles. Turn right on Richland road and proceed  East to the top of the hill. 

Liability: All persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk, legal or otherwise, for their safety or for their behavior of the animals. The owners or auctioneer assume no liability for property loss or any accident that may occur. 

Bulls will remain on the farm until they are semen checked. At that time the bulls will be available to be picked up anytime. We will hold the bulls at no cost until June 1st. 
Home Winners Bulls Donors
Feel Free to Contact Us!
Brent and Amie Potter
52857 Elm Tree Road
Griswold, IA 51535
712-778-4597 • Email: bapotter@netins.net
Max and Mary Sue Potter
67364 57th Street
Griswold, IA 51535
Email: potter@netins.net