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We hope all is well, and that you had a successful and safe fall. For the past 20 years, we have been cooperator herds for Nichols Farms, raising Purebred Angus, Purebred Simmental, and Angus/Simmental bulls for their January sale. After much success with the help of Nichols Farms, we have decided to sell our own bulls and females.

We have united as Precision Beef Solutions, and we will be offering 40 head of yearling Angus, Angus/Simmental, and Simmental bulls on February 20, 2015 at 1PM at one of our farms, 4 miles East then 2 miles North of Griswold, Iowa. The bulls will each have a set floor price. If more than one person wishes to bid on a bull, we will then auction that bull off. If only one person wants a particular bull, they can purchase him at the set floor price. After the auction is completed, any remaining bulls will be available at the set floor price.

The genetic make-up of our herds derive from many of the Angus and Simmental breedís top AI sires. Our priority is to provide high performance bulls year after year to improve your bottom line. Utilizing genomic enhancement, EPDís, performance testing, ultrasound, A.I., and embryo transfer helps us maximize animal performance, consistency, and efficiency. Our goal is for our bulls to possess a complete set of balanced EPDís, providing low to moderate birth weights, while still producing weaning and yearling weights that are respectable in todayís marketplace. Study our pedigrees and EPD lines closely, as many of our cows and bulls used will be in the top 5-10% of their respective breeds in many EPD categories. These bulls should offer tremendous value and the long term production ability needed to enhance your cow herd.

We will also be offering a fancy set of open heifers on the sale as well. These females will come from some of our best and most fertile cow families, as well as from the same genetics as the bulls offered in this sale.

Please browse a few of our pedigree's and EPD profiles on the next page. You can come see the animals here at the farm anytime, just give us a call beforehand.

Donít hesitate to contact any one of us at the phone numbers below if you have any questions about the bulls or females being offered.

We hope you will consider using our genetics to enhance your herdís management needs.

Thanks in advance,

Rod Northrup
Heath Larsen
Brent Potter
Max Potter

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Brent and Amie Potter
52857 Elm Tree Road
Griswold, IA 51535
712-778-4597 • Email: bapotter@netins.net
Max and Mary Sue Potter
67364 57th Street
Griswold, IA 51535
Email: potter@netins.net